Josh Robert Thompson Interview | CB027

Josh Robert Thompson is an actor, comedian and impressionist. You can see him five nights a week on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” as robot sidekick Geoff Peterson. You can hear his spot-on celebrity impressions and voices on “Family Guy” and even in video games like “Final Fantasy” and “Call of Duty.”

Josh Robert Thompson and Geoff PetersonHoward Stern listeners know him as the “Fake” Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was on the show for eight years. Josh Robert Thompson’s impressions are so good, he is the official voice double for Morgan Freeman and many other celebrities, and is known as “More Than Freeman,” the television spokesman for More Than Insurance in the UK.

In this interview, Josh talks about his experiences recording bits of dialogue for Matthew Mcconaughey, Nick Nolte and Robert Downey, Jr. for the film Tropic Thunder, his thoughts on Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” and how he convinced Craig Ferguson to let him start doing the voice of Geoff Peterson live during the show back in 2011.

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Josh talks about the only two times the producers of “The Late Late Show” have gotten upset with him over the crazy things he says as Geoff Peterson during the show. He says the entire show is unscripted and that he and Craig do not rehearse what they’re going to say before they go on the air. He’s not told what to say and isn’t given any direction during the show, so he can pretty much do whatever he wants.

Josh Robert Thompson has his own podcast called “Driving Myself Crazy” that is very good! Also check out for more information, and to watch episodes of his web TV show, WJRT-TV. Also check out the Morgan Freeman GPS on Funny or Die and laugh yourself silly.

Josh also has the starring role in an upcoming romantic comedy called Nowhere Girl and he performs regularly as a stand-up comedian around Los Angeles and other places outside of California, too.

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