#26 – Phones Anonymous – Dale J. Gordon

Chris Brake Show from Indianapolis takes part in a live stand-up comedy show in Trenton, NJ with Phones Anonymous and Dale J. Gordon. A big thanks to Benjamin Porawski for recording the event and sending us his audio so we could incorporate it into the show.

But first… Enjoy the sounds of “The Saracen” by Indianapolis surf-rock band the Madeira, who are playing at Punk Rock Night this weekend!

The Madeira - Carpe Noctem

“The Saracen” by Indianapolis surf-rock band the Madeira

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Punk Rock Night

This week, Rich Barker tells us the story of the craziest thing that ever happened at Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis.

And coming up at Punk Rock Night

March 8

Surf and Punk Night! The Madeira, The Give-Ups, The D-Rays, Grinning Man

Indianapolis Punk Rock Night - Surf and Punk Night! The Madeira, The Give-Ups, The D-Rays, Grinning Man

March 15

Pre-St. Patrick’s Party! Maella Cai Vane & Friends Burlesque, Askultura, Yard Sale with Kitty Wompus, Jay Tea

Indianapolis Punk Rock Night - Pre-St. Pat’s Party: MCV Burlesque, Askultura, Yard Sale, Jay Tea

Phone Call from Dale J. Gordon, Shana and Andrew at the Open Mic Night in Trenton, NJ

Dale J. Gordon

Dale J. Gordon

Andrew Pussy from Trenton, NJ

Andrew Pussy from Trenton, NJ

We were supposed to interview Randy Now from the upcoming documentary “Riot on the Dance Floor” about his classic punk club City Gardens in Trenton, NJ. But we were running late due to technical problems and we were unable to reach him. (Note that we have rescheduled our interview with Randy Now and he will appear on the show in a couple weeks)

Dale J. Gordon was on the line with us as we tried to call Randy Now, and we ended up talking to Dale J. Gordon, Shana Baty aka etoileSMASH and Andrew Pussy on the phone as they were about to perform at an open mic event in Trenton, NJ.

Shayna Baty aka etoileSMASH

Shana Baty aka etoileSMASH

Andrew Pussy tells us about how he recently quit smoking cigarettes and how it’s kind of driving him crazy. He’s past the point of being able to enjoy smoking, so he’s kind of weirded out by that. He gives us a quitter’s report from himself, who was kind of forced into quitting because his girlfriend is quitting.

Dale got the idea to incorporate the Chris Brake Show into his stand-up comedy act that night. He plugged his phone with us on the line into the PA at the open mic night venue, and he wanted us to laugh after each of his jokes and have that echoing throughout the venue in a weird performance art avant-garde thing. Or as Andrew said, “We just wanna fuck with these people!”

But there was some weird reverb going on and it ended up pretty trippy and wild. But we made the crowd laugh with Dale and Andrew, all the way from Indianapolis! Very cool.

Thanks to Dale and Andrew for letting us be a part of their stand-up comedy routine.


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