#25 – Cosmic Preachers Interview

Desmond Garrett of Cosmic Preachers

Desmond Garrett, Cosmic Preachers
Photo by Darrin Snider

Cosmic Preachers are an incredible Indianapolis “Earth Funk Blues Rock” band. In this exclusive interview, lead singer and guitarist Desmond Garrett reveals the true inspiration for the song “Sacred Geometry,” and the answer will shock, astound and/or excite you.

Cosmic Preachers consist of Desmond Garrett’s intense guitar frettery and soulful, thundering lead vocals accompanied by Cathy Hurt on saxophone, flute and vocals, Holly Garrett on violin and vocals, Fred Davis on drums and Michael Paschke on bass. Holly and Desmond are not related or married, they just have the same last name.

The band fits together beautifully, and are extremely tight and polished. The psychedelic acid rock soloing of Desmond Garrett blends excellently with the melodies pumping from the brilliant saxaphone, flute and violin, as well as the great groovery laid down on the bass and drums, right there in the pocket.

Desmond says when you listen to his music you essentially are digging into his soul, and you can really tell that these musicians are the kids of people who just have to play music: it flows out of their hearts and souls, and more literally their hands, fingers and vocal throats. Desmond says the key to finding a good bass player is to look for a guy who looks like a serial killer. Cosmic Preachers’ Michael Paschke fits the bill on both accounts. He really kills it on the bass.

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Come see the Cosmic Preachers live March 29th, 2014 at Lizard’s in Indianapolis, April 25th at the Fishers American Legion and at the Indianapolis Arts Garden for a special 12:00 noon lunch show on June, 17th 2014. That Arts Garden performance is going to be incredible, I recommend checking it out. 12:00 noon special Lunch Show at the Indianapolis Arts Garden on June 17th, 2014 – come listen to the Cosmic Preachers!

Check out Cosmic Preachers on ReverbNation and on Facebook.

Punk Rock Night

Rich Barker talks about Off With Their Heads cancelling their Indianapolis show at the 5th Quarter. Rich tells us why the show was cancelled. We also complain about the whole “pay to play” situation that some promoters and venues are using to book Indianapolis shows, and how bad it sucks. The Melody Inn and Punk Rock Night do not do this, and that’s what so great about them.

Come check out Punk Rock Night, every Saturday night in Indianapolis at the Melody Inn. Here’s what’s coming up on the Punk Rock Night calendar…

Saturday, March 1st

Machine Guns & Motorcycles, Black Cat Rebellion, White Shag, Sex Unicorn at the Melody Inn Punk Rock Night in Indianapolis - March 1st, 2014

White Shag: Detroit glam, garage rock

Machine Guns & Motorcycles: Indianapolis punk & rock, PRN award winners

ndianapolis hard rock – PRN award winner

Black Cat Rebellion: Indianapolis punk, rock, death

Sex Unicorn: Chicago & Indianapolis unicorn deth rock

Saturday, March 8th

Indianapolis Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn March 8th 2014 Madeira, Give-Ups, D-Rays, Grinning Man

Punk Rock Night presents a night of surf, punk and surf inspired rock!

The Madeira: Indianapolis surf rock – world famous!

The Give-Ups: Dayton, OH punk – Punk Rock Night legends!

The D-Rays: Athens, OH surf punk

Grinning Man: Indianapolis surf, rock, funk

Darrin from Indy In-Tune

Our boss Darrin from Indy In-Tune calls in at the end of the show and tells us he’s got a few boners to pick with us. Chris demands to do the show naked, like Marc Maron. We also get to the bottom of the location of the infamous “Rock Show with Mia Kileen” billboard, and hear a crazy story about our man Irish, the host of “the Soundcheck” on Indy In-Tune.

Ask Shayna

Shayna Baty aka etoileSMASH

Shayna Baty aka etoileSMASH

Dale J. destroyed his phone, so a woman named Shayna calls in to the show and lets us know that she is capable of filling in for Dale J. on our show. Maybe we’ll take her up on that next time. If you like her smooth, sultry voice you can hear some great songs from Shayna aka etoileSMASH on Soundcloud.

Songs in this episode

“Sacred Geometry” by the Cosmic Preachers

and a short bit of “Earache in my Eye” by the Cosmic Preachers

“We Are The 99” by Machine Guns & Motorcycles


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