Green Jellÿ Interview | CB023

Exclusive interview with Green Jellÿ frontman Bill Manspeaker. We also check in with the legendary Rich Barker and the somewhat legendary Dale J.

Bill Manspeaker: Legendary Punk Rock Puppetmaster from Green Jellö

Bill Manspeaker’s band Green Jellö/Green Jellÿ has been sued by Kraft Foods, Metallica and others. In this exclusive interview, Bill tells us many tales, including the time he made Kirk Hammett cry. The man has done it all.

Marshall Duh Staxxx (photo by Raymond Boyd)

Marshall Duh Staxxx (photo by Raymond Boyd)

Bill now has the world’s first franchise band, and the first to have a band in all 50 states of the USA. How awesome is that? What does that even mean?! You’ll have to listen to the interview to hear him explain what he’s doing. We encouraged him to do a TedTalk on the subject, as it would be very interesting.

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Bill also sent us a package in the mail crammed full of awesome Green Jellö posters, including a 1991 Green Jellö/Tool show poster “right off the wall” from his personal collection, and a giant hand-written copy of the lyrics for the legendary Green Jellö song, “Three Little Pigs.” We’re still going through all the cool stuff he has sent us and putting them up on the walls at the Chris Brake Show studio. We really appreciate Bill, he’s just a super awesome guy. That’s what he’s most legendary for: being awesome.

1991 Green Jellö/Tool Poster

1991 Green Jellö/Tool poster

Rich Barker: Indianapolis Punk Legend

Rich Barker has been active in the Indianapolis punk scene for over a decade. He still plays in the Indianapolis punk band Gay Black Republicans and the Slappies, and every Saturday Rich hosts Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis. This episode we debut a new segment where we have Rich tell us who’s playing at some of the upcoming Punk Rock Nights.

The Legendary Indianapolis Punk Rich Barker

The Legendary Indianapolis Punk Rich Barker

Saturday, February 15th is the big farewell show for legendary Indianapolis punk band Lockstep with performances by Black Cat Mambo, Floating Caskets, Coolidge and Lockstep themselves. And the lineup for Saturday, February 22nd is Against The Grain, Ricky Rat, Jetbirds, The Mudville Sounds.

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Dale J.’ll Tell Ya

This episode Dale J. tells ya about the first time he listened to Green Jellö when he was 12, and how he used to listen to the Cereal Killer Soundtrack with his mom and sister, and how he used to go out in the woods to sing the song “Shitman” because he wasn’t allowed to cuss in the house.

Dale J'll Tell Ya

Dale J’ll Tell Ya


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  1. So you basically host an independent radio show. Nice! I haven’t heard these bands’ works. Guess I should give it a try! And thanks for liking my writing (you know, The Burning Skies). I hoped you REALLY liked it! If you think I need to improve, then please do tell me!


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