#19 – Tha Gecko Brothas Interview

Tha Gecko Brothas

Tha Gecko Brothas – John O. and Priest Forever

Exclusive interview with hip-hop group Tha Gecko Brothas. Tha Gecko Brothas have a new single called “La La La” from the album “We Are Tha Gecko Brothas”, and we interviewed John O. and Priest Forever about their unique sound, the difference between “radio rap” and true hip hop and their feelings about Lil’ Wayne and Jay-Z.

Tha Gecko Brothas have their own reality show called “Hanging With Tha Gecko Brothas”, and they also do a separate Q&A every week where they answer questions submitted by you! Check out their youtube page to watch the videos, and you can also send your questions to Tha Gecko Brothas here.

To listen to this episode online, go here:

To download this episode as an MP3 file, go here:

To listen to this episode on iTunes, go here:

Go to priestforever.net to download free music from Tha Gecko Brothas and join their mailing list for exclusive goodies. You can also catch up with Tha Gecko Brothas on all the social media sites, such as…


Use these hashtags on Twitter to join Tha Gecko Brothas in taking over the world:


5 Minutes in Capeside

This episode we re-enact a scene from Dawson’s Creek Season 4, Episode 12 – “A Winter’s Tale” – and Crabby Christine plays Joey for the first time.

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