#18 – Tribute to Bob Fass with Russ Williamson

This show is a tribute to Bob Fass, the pioneer of freeform radio. We expand your mind with comedian Russ Williamson and noise musician Dr. Pong Fong-e.

Russ Williamson

Russ Williamson leaning to the left

We talked to Russ Williamson in between stand up comedy sets in Chicago. Winter storm Ion may or may not have killed our phone call with Russ, but we were still able to talk to him about being in the same show as Sideshow Bob, working with Richard Riehle who played the guy in “Office Space” who made the “Jump to Conclusions” mat and street beggars making fun of his weight.

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Dr. Pong Fong-e talks about the difficulty he has expressing emotions and how it’s affected his life. Pong Fong-e says people have trouble telling when he’s angry, and how that led to Chris Brake poking Pong Fong-e in the face with a stick. This has also bled into Pong Fong-e‘s romantic life, and he is working on saying things like “I am happy” to let his girlfriend know when he is happy.

Pong Fong-e talks about fighting with bullies while in middle school, and suggests dumping a tray full of food on bullies that mess with you.


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