New Years Eve Conversation with Mr. Andrew Softee and Chris Pong Fong-E and Whiskeytown Plant Expert | CB017

Does your bread have squid genes in it? 

Mr. Softee and Dr. Pong Fong-e join Chris for an impromptu New Year’s Eve show. Dr. Pong Fong-e introduces us to an anonymous plant expert who works in the Whiskeytown National Park where Mexican drug organizations have been growing nearly $1 billion worth of illegal marijuana plants.

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The plant expert also gives his opinion on Monsanto, saying they are “100% ruining the environment” by inserting squid genes into plants and making other unnatural changes to plant genetics. These genetically-modified plant genes have worked their way out into the wild, and now your bread may contain squid genes. Gross.

For more information, check out the book “Saving the Planet with Pesticides and Plastic” by Dennis Avery.


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