Maya Maloff Interview and Crabby Christine Joins The Show | CB016

Exclusive interview with singer Maya Maloff. Maya sings her songs “Yellow Bed Wetter” and “How Diddily-Doodiling Along” and discusses her pregnancy, being in an insane asylum and elaborates on some of the various voice mail messages that she has left us. Over the past couple months Maya has been calling in to the show and leaving messages as a way to sort of chronicle her stay in the insane asylum.

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Maya Maloff

Canadian singer Maya Maloff wearing a pink hat

Maya gives us some insight into her life and the many interesting things she has experienced. Maya talks about the “Shut Up to Grow Up” method she and a friend came up with where she only said “Yes” or “No” for two months. Maya’s also been working on a rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” and she sings us an exclusive piece of the song.

Maya also tells us about her recent ski trip she took with her mom. It wasn’t downhill skiing so it wasn’t scary. Maya is actually a really gnarly snowboarder, but she’s decided not to go snowboarding while she is pregnant. Maya and her mother got to see swans while they were skiing. But there were gunshots going off, like a whole bunch of them. It was really neat though, they got to see the swans in flight. But it might not have been gunshots, it’s this loud sound that goes on for some unknown reason. We don’t know what it is.

You can contact Maya Maloff on Twitter at @MayaMorrison. If you talk to her tell her “Hello!” from the Chris Brake Show! She’s a super lady and we hope she experiences the best.

This is also the first episode with our new co-host, Crabby Christine. Welcome to the show, Christine!


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