David Allee Interview plus Zach Attach from Movie Buzzed Sits In and Bailing A Friend Out Of Jail Follow-Up | CB015

Zach Attach is bach and Chris interviews Indianapolis author, blogger and comic strip illustrator David Allee. D.P. Allee’s original action sci-fi comic “Space Farmer: Volume One” is available now and David’s new book, “Ins and Outs: Tales of Sexual Failure from a Hapless Romantic” is available now from Amazon.

Space Farmer: Volume One by D.P. Allee

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At the top of the show, Chris apologizes for something offensive that was said during CB Show #11 – Indianapolis School System. Kendall F. Person from ThePublicBlogger.com invited us to present the award for Best Comedy Blog at the 2013 Public Blogger Awards ceremony, and we graciously accepted. (Tune in to ThePublicBlogger.com on December 31, 2013 to attend the ceremony!)

Then Kendall heard something that was said at the end of CB Show #11 and phoned Chris expressing his concerns as to the questionable content he heard on the show. Chris plays the clip back and it’s a conversation between myself and Sarah about the possibility of Dawson’s Creek character Pacey raping Joey. We apologize for the “rape joke” and Chris says it was all Sarah and I’s fault, which it was, and ultimately he’s the one getting blamed, which he is. “I’m trying to do a professional show and I got people making jokes about rape!” jokes Chris. I thought that was really funny.

So if you agree with Kendall and want to express your distaste for the “rape joke,” please direct your comments to me on the Chris Brake Show Twitter @chrisbrakeshow. We look forward to your letters of 140 characters.

Zack feels like that’s the appeal of the show, that you can say what’s on your mind. This episode we are going to do a clean show and try to use other words instead of explicit language. Beeps will be heard when necessary.

Moving on, Chris’ cousin Jessica wrote in to say that she has figured out the meaning of “W.O.T.F.N.” It means, “We Owned This Friday Night” but Zack suspects it may mean something more explicit. Jessica is also the one who wrote in to inform us that Internet culture trumps official English language rules during the “Meme vs. Meem” discussion.

Chris says he has developed an uncanny ability to decode human miscommunication and understand the true meaning behind phrases like “I’m going to be late” in a personal story about Sarah! We’re all looking forward to her indefinite return.

D.P. Allee or David Allee Interview

Author, blogger and action sci-fi comic book writer David Allee was born in Indiana, a “native Hoosier”, and then moved to Colorado for 16 years, active in the political and social scenes doing his own sort of Gonzo investigative journalism and shaking things up a bit. And now he’s back in Indianapolis looking to “rattle cages” similarly to how he did back in Colorado. Welcome to Indianapolis, David!

Author David Allee with legal Indianapolis street artist

Author David Allee with legal Indianapolis street artist

David writes a blog called the Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons, and you’ll hear that bleeped during the episode. Allee says the name is a socio-political commentary on things that were going on back in Colorado.

Chris asks David about Melvin the Chicken Man, a character in Allee’s “Space Farmer” comic book. Melvin the Chicken Man is a nefarious side-kick to a bad guy in the comic book, and initially Allee wanted Melvin the Chicken Man to have some sort of exploding eggs, but then realized there’d need to be fertilization involved to create eggs. So initially Melvin the Chicken Man was going to physically impregnate chickens to create an exploding egg, but he showed it to his daughter and she joked that it was a bit too much and that he’d have to change it. Now Melvin has this weird machine that impregnates chickens to create exploding eggs, and his daughter is okay with that.

David Allee’s newest book, “Ins and Outs:  Tales of Sexual Failure from a Hapless Romantic”, explores 14 of the author’s own personal failures he’s encountered while performing sexual acts with various women he’s encountered. Allee hopes to let others know that not everyone has these perfect and ideal relationships and sometimes weird things can happen to a single guy looking for love.

For example, Allee shared with us one tale he wrote about in the book that began with him looking at the “Casual Encounters” section on Craigslist. Allee talked and exchanged pictures with a woman he met there and he goes to meet this girl. But when he gets there she opens the front door and she’s totally a midget.

Allee says it was the fact that she didn’t ever mention she was a midget online, but she’s definitely a midget when he show up at her house for a “Casual Encounter”. Allee eventually did the deed with the midget woman but experienced very weird, high-pitched squealing noises from the midget woman that he still cannot get out of his head.

Another encounter with a woman on Craigslist eventually turned out to really be a guy who ultimately wanted Allee to let the guy perform oral sex on him while the guy fondled Allee’s toes. Again, not what he was expecting! And then there’s the female who just used David to snap a pic of his hairy chest and send it to her, never to be heard from again! EXCLUSIVE: David Allee: Sexually Exploited for Chest Hair Porn

Chris explains a girl he knew whose fetish was asking guys to masturbate in front of her and then at the end she would take a picture of the guy and put his picture on this board with all the other guys she’d done that to. David says that’s something else he’s done: one lady he met wanted him to come down to her basement and masturbate for her. So he does, and in the middle of it some kids down the street stole a car and ran it into a big Jeep Cherokee, and the big Jeep Cherokee comes plowing into the lady’s house he’s in!

David’s first book is about his experiences while involved with the Occupy Denver movement (“Welcome to the Church: Observation of a Rebellion in the 21st Century“) and has been called “Insightful and off-the-wall” by Larry on the Amazon.com comments. “Welcome to the Church” contains an annotated collection of the author’s accounts on the Occupy Denver movement during the 2011-2012 period in Denver, Colorado. His encounters with drugs, colorful characters and situations show a different side to the political protest our country experienced during the period of American history.

David is looking forward to bringing his style of journalism to Indianapolis and is excited about what the city has to offer. David has referred to Indianapolis as “sleepytown,” and explains that he doesn’t mean that in a negative, hurtful way. David is referring to depression and how people in a depressed state tend to sleep a lot and just sleep through their problems. He says he feels like there’s an oppressive spirit that’s hanging over the powers that be in Indianapolis where they don’t want people to think outside the box and they want everybody to be like robots.

But Allee is very optimistic about the future of Sleepytown. He feels that the younger generation here will mold Indianapolis into something new and great.

5 Minutes in Bayside

Saved By The Bell S2E09 – ‘Jessie's Song' - from hellogiggles.com

Saved By The Bell – Hot Sundaes music video – from hellogiggles.com

Chris and Zack Attack had previously recorded a segment about Saved by the Bell where Zack confesses an embarrassing story, but Chris’ computer erased it. So Zack and Chris re-create the unveiling of this exclusive story from the Movie Buzzed co-host.

Zack really liked the episode where Jessie Spano gets addicted to caffeine pills (Jessie’s Song | Season 2, Episode 9 | Air Date: November 9, 1990) because she, Kelly and Lisa have formed a band, Hot Sundae, and she’s burning the midnight oil going to band rehearsals and studying for the midterms at the same time.

There’s a scene where the girls film a Hot Sundae music video, and Zack liked that scene so much that he walked the dog to it one morning before school as a young teenager.

Zack Attack closes out the show with extra special death metal vocals over Chris’ ukulele, after Chris says that he doesn’t like metal music!


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