Kendall F Person ThePublicBlogger and Maya Voicemails and Ask Dale J Gordon | CB014

Kendall F. Person The Public Blogger

Kendall F. Person the Public Blogger

Tonight we talked to Kendall F. Person from Kendall is a published author who is now running a community blogging community called the Neighborhood that is an “art house collaborative of visual, recording, performance and written-word artists.” We also checked in with our producer Bryan in New Mexico, a fan of the show named Maya who is in an insane asylum and our actor/musician friend Dale J. Gordon.

Bryan called in while we were doing the theme song for the show and told us that he was just stopped by border patrol police in New Mexico, and felt his rights were violated by the drug-sniffing dogs that were led around his truck without reason. Bryan was driving from Texas with his wife Brittany to their new apartment in Los Angeles when they hit a mandatory border patrol check point.

Bryan and Brittany attended their first Andrew W.K. concert the night before in Texas. You may remember Bryan talking about the Four Agreements on the show previously, and Bryan says he’s learned an additional life lesson from Andrew W.K.:

“When it’s time to party, we will party hard.”

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Bryan was so pumped seeing Andrew W.K. live for the first time he was going around instigating crowd-surfing, one person at a time. He was going up to people and screaming, “It’s your destiny to crowd surf tonight!” and then launching them up on top of the crowd. Bryan really enjoyed the Andrew W.K. concert and the fun mosh pit. He said the energy of the crowd was “unbridled positivity.” Spell-check tells me “positivity” is not a word, but I’m pretty sure it is. Either way, that’s what he said.

So if you were at the Andrew W.K. concert on December 9th, 2013 at the Red 7 in Austin, TX then you probably know our producer Bryan. I like that guy!

Next up we did an unannounced “Ask Dale J.” segment where Chris calls Dale J. Gordon and asks him what he did today. Today Dale went on about the importance of breakfast. And, eggs: are they good or bad for you? And, caffeine: Dale got beamed up today but countered it with a bottle of wine. Today Dale was going to see a double-feature Christmas movie presentation at the Mill Hill in Trenton, NJ. Dale also asks us to give him some slack because there’s not much going on to talk about, but little does he know that even his most boring days are still entertaining to listen to when he talks in funny voices.

Do you get SAD in the winter? That’s what I say is a real thing during the show. I even pronounced it correctly the third time I said it: it stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and it is a depressive state that can come on during the winter. Chris says the worst day of his life involved mixing SAD with Stag beer in St. Louis one Christmas when he woke up underneath the Christmas tree unable to find his glasses, which he later found out were hanging on the Christmas tree while he was stumbling around blindly squinting after them the whole day. Saddest moment of his life, he said, but he got through it and lived to see another day. Even came out of it with some advice too: never live with a couple, and never try to date your roommate’s sister.

Maya Maloff has left us nearly a dozen voicemail messages over the past couple weeks. Maya came on the show previously and performed her song “Yellow Bedwetter” and we really liked it so we asked her to leave some messages in our voicemail to keep us updated with what she’s doing.

Maya Maloff calls in saying she’s 8 months pregnant and in the hospital, but then in another message she says she’s in an insane asylum. It seems her friend Insane Wayne got to leave the insane asylum, but she is still in there. So she sings “All I Need” by AWOLnation and a new version of her song “Yellow Bedwetter” for us.

We really like Maya and hope that maybe us playing her messages on the show will give her a creative outlet while she is stuck in the Canadian insane asylum. She was crying in one of the messages and that was very sad. We want to interview her on the show but have been unable to connect with her. In one message she leaves contact information for people to contact her. So if you want to contact Maya Maloff and help brighten her day while she’s in the insane asylum, you can email her at missmayapapaya [at] live [dot] com or Twitter her @MayaMorrison.

Next we talked to Kendall F. Person from Kendall has asked Sarah, Chris and I to present the award for Best Comedy Blog at the 2013 Public Blogger awards! We are honored and excited to be a part of the Neighborhood and what he is doing and we wanted to have him on the show to talk more about what he is doing.

Kendall published three books 15 years ago and then quit writing for 12 years. Then a friend introduced him to blogging and he was inspired to write again, but this time he wanted to write blogs instead of publish books.

Kendall currently works 18 hours a day curating and creating content for Kendall sees himself as an entertainer, and he strives to make every post a show. He envisions the Neighborhood as an “all-inclusive foundation built on a layer of peace,” and notes that while other blogs can draw many hateful and destructive comments from mean nasty internet trolls, the Neighborhood has naturally formed into a community where critical dialogue take places without destructive comments.

Chris says he tried to troll people online twice: once where someone posted about the 6-year-old boy who kissed a girl’s hand and was suspended from school for sexual harassment. Everyone was commenting on the post saying, “It’s no big deal, that’s ridiculous!” So Chris introduced some dissent into the conversation, saying, “They were right for suspending him, this kid is obviously a rapist.” But no one responded, they just continued to say, “It’s no big deal, that’s ridiculous!”

Kendall says this is due to two factors: one (and I’m aware we’re still within another “once,” “twice” device, bear with me) is because it’s such a viral issue that people comment so fast that no one can really respond to the comments. And the second factor is because it’s a point that they don’t want to address: they want to ignore that and continue being angry or whatever the general consensus is.

The second time Chris tried trolling online was when someone (I told you we would get back to the other one!) posted “I am pro-life” as their status update on Facebook. Chris commented with a quote from George Carlin, “You ever notice how the people who are against abortion are the ones you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place?” Again he got no response. And that was Chris’ two attempts at trolling.

Then we call Sarah’s ass and wake her up so she can close out the show! Haha! She’s been busy with school and work so she’s been absent from the show the last couple episodes, but now that we can do phone calls again we can at least get her to close out the show. Which she does. Thanks, Sarah!

Make sure to check out and take a look around the Neighborhood. Also check out the Season Ending Show Trailer video and visit on New Year’s Eve to attend the 2013 Public Blogger Awards Ceremony featuring performances by A.U.T.O., Crystalkay Fairrington, IvySoul and P-Shaw. And super awesome guest presenters like the members of the Chris Brake Show!


3 thoughts on “Kendall F Person ThePublicBlogger and Maya Voicemails and Ask Dale J Gordon | CB014

  1. Great show guys!

    I was excited to see that you had this podcast in the archive featuring Kendall F. Person. I have seen this guy all over the place – traveling around cyberspace in many of the same circles as myself. It was so cool to hear his voice here in what I found to be a great interview. I’m like Chris in that this makes we want to read more of his work. I follow him on Twitter (ass well as CBS) and read him from time to time. I have always been bit put off by the community aspect of but your interview helped shed some light on Kendall’s project. I will be sure to return there now with a better understanding. Thanks!

    All the rest of the show was a blast too… plus no “40”, gotta love that! 😉


    • Glad you liked the Kendall F. Person interview!! He’s doing a pretty original thing over there at, so hearing him explain it in an interview is helpful to fully understand what’s going on over there.

      May I ask what you don’t like about 40?

      Thank you for listening!


      Liked by 1 person

  2. RE: 40… more than anything it is usually just volume. But TBH I find little attraction to his brand of “fucked-up” humor. It probably has more to do with the time and place I am listening to the podcasts. Listening at work I wear headphones and sometimes having the “boisterous” 40 Oz Pimp in there just guts the enjoyment right out of the show. I think 40’s a hoot (for the most part) and he would certainly liven up a hog roast or tailgate party. I have actually enjoyed some of his contributions to the mix.

    As for listening in the car on the commute; he sometimes hits me as just one more idiotic character coming at me. I _get_ the entertainment value of an antagonist in the group but I suppose he reminds me too much of – what we used to call in CB radio days – as a bucket-mouth. The sort of Ham that ruined the sport.
    I have listened to 8 or 10 shows and really dig what you are laying down (otherwise.)


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