Indy In-Tune Live Chris Brake Show | CB013

Chris, Sarah and John travel to Fishers, IN to be on the Indy In-Tune podcast! Live from Studio B, Darrin Snider and Irish from Indy In-Tune radio interview the members of the Chris Brake Show in this unique crossover episode.

Chris opens up about his 4-toned, multi-colored pubic hair, getting naked at Skatopia and alludes to the infamous Kevin Smith story that started the Chris Brake Show podcast in the first place. Darrin talks about meeting George Takei from Star Trek and being kinda weirded out by how interested George was in Darrin.

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Indy In-Tune Radio
Indy In-Tune Radio

Chris talks about asking Andrew W.K. to play a local show, and the polite letter he got in response from Andrew W.K. declining the invite because he just got married and was going to be on his honeymoon in Italy on the date of the show.

Chris also tells a rousing tale about being on tour with a band and accidentally stumbling into a private clubhouse owned by the Outlaws Motorcycle Club at 3 am. Chris ended up performing magic tricks for the Outlaws Motorcycle Club members as a way to break the ice with the club.

Sarah discusses having a vacuum cleaner thrown at her face, her love for the Darren Aronofsky film “The Fountain” and things that make her pass out – specifically, but not limited to, getting her eyes dilated at the eye doctor’s office and seeing a frog dissected.

Darrin talks about being fired from the Blind Pig in favor of another local Indianapolis band the Late Show. Chris lists the Melody Inn as the best venue in Indianapolis in terms of taking care of the bands that play there.

Also featured in this episode is the song “Flip Mode” by Birdmen of Alcatraz. Shout out to Rusty Redenbacher!


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