Bailing A Friend Out Of Jail and Ask Dale J | CB012

Chris and Zach Attach from Movie Buzzed talk about bailing a friend out of jail, delivering pizzas, how to get good tips as a delivery driver, Joe DiMaggio and Indy In-Tune.

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Image by Brian Teutsch

Phone Call from Jail                       Photo by Brian Teutsch, unaltered

Chris’ friend Joe called over the weekend and needed Chris to come bail him out of jail. Chris explains that Joe has a long history of generally being a hassle and a drunk. But Joe is sober now, and this time he’s not calling from the drunk tank: Joe was arrested this time for driving on a suspended license with prior convictions. Apparently Joe hasn’t been paying his child support payments and apparently they can suspend your driver’s license as a consequence. And that’s what happened to Joe.

Thus begins Chris’ epic journey to release Joe from jail, but it doesn’t end there. Listen to the full episode to find out what awaits Chris in the Tale of a Sober Drunk.

Zach Attach shares some insider knowledge he’s learned while working as a delivery driver in the food services industry and gives an exclusive secret that he uses to help extract tips from customers paying with a credit card, as well as what happens behind the scenes when you scream at your delivery driver.

Chris shares some NLP tactics he invented while working as a valet driver and how to garner higher tips and more respect when valeting.

Indy In-Tune is a great Indianapolis streaming internet radio station that has offered to play some of the Chris Brake Show on their station. Tentatively each Sunday you should get a dose of the Chris Brake Show on the Indy In-Tune radio!

If you are a local Indiana musician you should send your music to Darrin Snider. He’s the guy who runs the Indy In-Tune radio station, and he would love to play your music! Check out to send Darrin some music to play on the radio station, and also check out if you want to schedule a time to be on the Indy In-Tune podcast! There’s also and for you to link up with.

Indy In-Tune Radio

Send Your Music to Indy In-Tune Radio

Chris Brake Show #12 ends with a brand new Ask Dale J. segment, where Dale tells us about the illusion of abundance, going fancy around town and staying home. “Make sure you pay your house rent,” advises Dale.

Special thanks to Zach Attach for lending his vocal styling to a special rendition of the Chris Brake Show theme song, which you will hear at the close of this episode. Tweet weird things to Zack Attack and Movie Buzzed on Twitter @movie_buzzed.


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