Indianapolis School System and The Proud Highway | CB011

Indianapolis School System

Chris breaks down how people who attend schools in wealthier areas get better food and educations than people who attend schools in poorer areas and how any school teaching state-sanctioned curriculum is essentially teaching lies.

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Chris also explains what it’s like to grow up in a society where you’re constantly lied to your entire life, and how jarring it can be once you begin to open your eyes to some of the lies we are told.

Chris tells the “Wombat” story and the “Gluing Stuff to Lunch Trays” story, then discusses what “mechanically-separated chicken” is and why it is so gross.

At the top of the show, Indianapolis local “Lil’ Mama” Deshay Day’s courageous story is highlighted: “Lil’ Mama” was born legally blind and diagnosed with cancer. She recently finished her first week of chemotherapy and is back at home from the hospital. Please keep Deshay Day and her family in your prayers as she continues her chemotherapy and fight against cancer. You can also like and share the “Prayers for Lil’ Mama” page on Facebook to help spread the word.

Sarah discusses why using a period in text messages is considered aggressive, and John explains his failed attempt at getting Johnny Brennan from the Jerky Boys and Family Guy to call in and “prank” the Chris Brake Show voice mail.

John wonders what “W.O.T.F.N.” stands for.

Round-table reading of Hunter S. Thompson’s letter to Daryl Harrington, November 3, 1963, taken from the book “Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman,” a collection of Hunter S. Thompson’s personal letters. This letter is written to his secret girlfriend, Daryl Harrington.

Hunter S. Thompson, Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman, 1955-1967

5 Minutes in Capeside

This week there’s two episodes that we read from! There’s a re-creation of Dawson’s Creek season 3 episode 18, “Neverland” where Joey and Pacey kiss, and Dawson’s Creek season 4 episode 20, “Promecide” where Pacey blows up on Joey at the prom.


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