Naked On Stage At Skatopia With Dale J Gordon and DEMO | CB010

Chris and John reminisce about playing at Skatopia, a skate park and punk rock commune in Rutland, OH. Chris explains his G.G. Allin mindset when he started a nude circle pit at 2 A.M., and Dale J. Gordon’s genius diplomacy at Skatopia.

Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy DVD

Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy DVD

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Zack Attack sits in and helps tell the story of a guy living next door who used to keep jars of semen and feces, forever immortalized in the SayYes band’s “Basement Next Door” song.

Joel apologizes for his awful story from CB Show #8 and redeems himself with a new story about a 2-car pileup and a no-armed driver.

John tells the “Mangled Claw Handshake” story, and Chris discusses proper handshake etiquette and how he hates it when people shake his hand by simply “squeezing the tips” of his fingers, instead of giving a full-on “man’s handshake.” Harry Masengale from White Hair Productions is also mentioned for his signature left-handed handshake.

John tells the “Unmanned Truck” story about a big car accident he caused while his truck was driving itself without a driver. Chris talks about being fired from a major corporation while driving the “Bone Mobile,” a modified GMC Gypsy/Ford S10 truck he used to own that caused a car accident in the parking lot at the exact moment he was being fired from a major corporation.

Chris also vents his feelings about a specific manager he had at a major corporation, and says his name on air.

Chris mentions Indy In-Tune, an Indianapolis radio station that may syndicate the Chris Brake Show on their live 24/7 Internet radio broadcast.

Chris and John are kicking around the idea of starting a Kickstarter event to help pay for a new computer for the Chris Brake Show. It seems their current computer is out of date and will not allow the installation of Skype or the use of Google Hangouts. So if you liked “Wayne’s World,” please support the Chris Brake Show, the real-life “Wayne’s World!”

The Kickstarter is not live yet, but you can still send donations via Paypal – just go to, scroll down and click the Paypal button on the right side of the screen to donate to the Chris Brake Show New Computer fund, and keep us on the air!

Chris talks about seeing the new “Hunger Games” film for his sister’s birthday, and why he doesn’t like going to movies on opening night in Indianapolis, as opposed to other places like Los Angeles and San Francisco where they have assigned seating for opening night.

Zack tries to tell a story about playing at the Melody Inn and some confusion that arose when his band found out that the venue was not going to mic their amps, but Chris turns his mic off because he doesn’t want anyone speaking poorly about his favorite bar in Indianapolis, the Melody Inn.

Chris then reads a letter from Hunter S. Thompson from 1963. “Thanks for the good advice to stay poverty-stricken until I can come through with a nice, esoteric little novel that won’t make any money,” begins the letter. Hunter goes on to talk about comedian Lenny Bruce saying, “[Lenny] Bruce is a phony.”

This letter was taken from the book, “Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman, 1955-1967 (the Fear and Loathing Letters, Volume 1),” a collection of letters from Hunter S. Thompson to people like Norman MailerCharles KuraltTom WolfeLyndon JohnsonWilliam StyronJoan Baez,Thompson’s motherthe NRA and more than a handful of newspaper editors. Check out “Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman, 1955-1967 (The Fear and Loathing Letters, Volume 1)” on Amazon!

Hunter S. Thompson, Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman, 1955-1967

The SayYes band’s song “Basement Next Door” is further analyzed. The song is about 911 Woodruff Place in Indianapolis, and the guy next door who used to cook meth, keep jars of semen and feces and ultimately committed suicide in the basement next door. Zack used to live at 911 Woodruff Place and gives some inside information that you won’t hear in the news about what this guy was doing in the basement next door.

Zack also further explains his podcast Movie Buzz[ed], and alludes to a great Tim Robbins story that you will hear his co-host Caleb tell on a future Movie Buzz[ed] episode. Chris gives his opinion on working with Reggie Wayne, and it isn’t pretty. Listen to the episode to hear Chris’ choice words for Reggie Wayne.

And in an exciting new “Ask Dale J.” segment, Dale tells us about how he was annihilated by a huge colony of seagulls pooping on him.

This episode featured the songs Wishing Well and U.S.A. by Dale J. Gordon.


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