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Chris explains how to interview podcast guests with fellow podcaster Zack Attack from the Movie Buzzed podcast. Chris and Zack discuss what makes a good podcast, whether or not it is a good idea to interview your personal friends on your podcast and even specifically what you DO NOT want your podcast guests do once they get on your podcast.

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Chris and Mr. Zack Attack explore one guest in particular named Joel from Chris Brake Show Show #8 who wanted to come on the show and tell his “Cancer Faker” story. But Joel has more of a freeform, non-linear storytelling technique, and some of the details of the story became lost in translation from Joel’s brain out onto the show.

Joel and the "Cancer Faker" Story
Joel and the “Cancer Faker” story from Chris Brake Show #8

The “Cancer Faker” story is a true story about a comedian named Joel and his attempt to help a friend who had cancer. In short, Joel married a lady who was diagnosed with cancer just so she could use his employer’s free family airline benefits and fly to Europe so she could get a special treatment for her cancer. The girl even put up a charity website to help raise money for her cancer treatments, and collected thousands of dollars in donations from people across the world. But then come to find out, the lady never had cancer to begin with. She was lying the whole time. And that’s the “Cancer Faker” story, in a nutshell.

Chris and Mr. Attack discuss what could have been done to make the “Cancer Faker” story more entertaining for YOU to listen to, and then Chris invites YOU to send your ideas on how to be a better storyteller to Joel on Twitter @igotvdwheniwas3 or send them to the Chris Brake Show Twitter @chrisbrakeshow and we will forward it to him.

Zack and Chris also discuss what goes into prepping a guest for an interview or an appearance on the Chris Brake Show, and whether or not it’s a good idea to pre-interview a guest before having them on your podcast. Chris Brake’s main advice to guests who are going to be on a podcast is to just be yourself. Zack Attack advises new guests to remember that comedy podcasts especially are designed to make people laugh, so don’t get offended if the host wants to rip into you a little bit.

Chris and Zack also explore marijuana use and whether or not it’s a good idea for your guest to get totally stoned to the bone right before being interviewed on your show. Chris even gives a heart-warming PSA illustrating the negative consequences of substance abuse.

Zack talks about his own podcast show and explains the format of the Movie Buzz[ed] podcast vs. the common misconception that Movie Buzzed is a spin-off of Mystery Science Theater 3,000 (or MST3K if you’re nasty).

Chris gives a nod to RiffTrax, the MP3 commentary tracks by Mike and the other MST3K stars that you download and play back in sync with your favorite movies and TV shows. Zack says that Movie Buzz is similar to MST3K and RiffTrax, but not really the same thing at all.


And if you like what Chris says about RiffTrax go download a RiffTrax MP3, sync it up with a DVD at home and suddenly films like “Inception,” “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars,” “Lord of the Rings” and“Transformers” just got a whole lot funnier.

This episode also includes a new “Ask Dale J.” segment. Today Dale tells you how it makes him feel to become Uncle Dale, as his sister has just given birth to a new human being. Dale performs an improv Americana blues folk poetry song and explains why he doesn’t like to see pictures of other people’s children.

Tweet weird things to Zack Attack and Movie Buzzed on Twitter @movie_buzzed.

CbShow #9 – How to Interview Podcast Guests


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