Sarah Gets Mad after Sleeping Beauty Review with Her Friend and Meatpie Spacewaster Interview | CB007

This week’s show is jam packed with goodness! First off, we’re announcing the first ever Chris Brake Show contest, sponsored by our pals at Skidmark Skatemag! They sent us an awesome prize pack filled with tons of awesome stickers and a sweet t-shirt. To win this prize pack, just create an awesome theme song or video for the Chris Brake Show. Upload it to Youtube and send us a link at or on Twitter @chrisbrakeshow – and if we pick your entry, you will win this awesome prize pack!


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Next up on this week’s episode is Maya Maloff singing her original songs “Yellow Bedwetter” and “How Diddily-Doodiling Along,” as well as a cover of Lana Del Rey‘s song “Born to Die.” Maya also explains that “Yellow Bedwetter” is about her friend Mookie’s dog named Yellow who would pee all over the floor, and that “How Diddily-Doodiling Along” is about something she said to her friend Mookie while eating some fresh garden mushrooms. Sounds tasty! You can talk to Maya on Twitter @MayaMorrison

Chris tells a story about a wedding he went to over the weekend where he pulled out a megaphone and recited an entire speech from the film Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino. Then it’s time for Movie Talk, and this week we’re discussing the film Sleeping Beauty.


Sarah’s friend Hermes from New York sits in with us to discuss this film, directed by Julia Leigh and starring Emily Browning and Rachael Blake. This movie is about a girl who takes a job where she is put into a comatose sleep-state and while she’s sleeping a guy will come in and sleep with her. There’s no sexual penetration at all allowed, however, and this movie is really weird. John asks Sarah to explain where the labia is on the female body, and Sarah pulls through with flying colors.

Chris feels like Sarah was really negative with all her comments about last week’s movie, Take This Waltz, and asks Sarah to explain why she was so hateful about Take This Waltz. Then all of a sudden Dr. Robert calls in to give his account of an event we mentioned last week where John cut off a lock of Sarah’s hair while her back was turned. Dr. Robert remembers this event with crystal clarity and recounts exactly what happened. It truly is a great story, one for the books!

Then Chris reads off a list of things that Sarah said during last week’s show to prove that it wasn’t just his imagination.

Then we have a really awkward conversation with Hermes from New York where Chris tells Hermes that he doesn’t like him, but he’s not quite sure why. A really interesting conversation unfolds about how other peoples’ opinions can infiltrate the subconscious mind and play tricks on your own psyche. John also asks Hermes about his feelings on bi-sexuality and anal sex. Big thanks to Hermes from New York for being so cool and answering all these bizarre questions. You rock, bruddah!

Spacewaster from Seattle, WA

Progressive Funk Metal band Spacewaster!

Then we play the song “Lowballer” by the Progressive Funk Metal band Spacewaster from Seattle, WA, and interview Meatpie from Spacewaster about living in Seattle and Spacewaster’s completely original and unique sound that rocks! Meatpie also gives a shout out to his buds in Alex’s Hand, now known as God Hates Fads, and tells a hilarious story about some kid on Craigslist who traded Meatpie a janktified bass guitar for Meatpie’s own authentic Fender Jazz bass, and how Meatpie rectified the situation by threatening to deal out a righteous beatdown if the kid didn’t give him back his Fender Jazz bass. Haha!

Spacewaster is now talking about doing a possible nationwide tour, so if you would like to have this awesome band come play in your town, contact them at – and you can pick up their debut album at!

And we close out this week’s episode with Ask Dale J, where Chris asks one question of Dale J. Gordon: “Dale, what happened today?” Today was Dale J. Gordon’s rent day, and he tells a moving spoken word piece about paying the rent, cooking food with his buddy Greg, eating some gnarly Trinidad Scorpion Peppers, hanging out at the Mill Hill in New Jersey, and an interesting run-in they had where Dale tells a drug dealer, “Go ahead, do your business… get a food truck!”


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