Tomboy Tirade Tarts Persis Shanker and Take This Waltz Review | CB006

Here is the infamous “Cry Face” meme, featuring James Van Der Beek as Dawson from Dawson’s Creek crying, as seen in Season 3, Episode 23 “True Love” of Dawson’s Creek.


This week we review “Take This Waltz” by Sarah Polley on our Movie Talk segment. We also have Persis Shanker from the Singaporean Tomboy Tarts podcast sit in and discuss “Take This Waltz“, starring Michelle WilliamsSeth RogenLuke KirbySarah SilvermanJennifer Podemski and Diana D’Aquila.

“Take This Waltz” by Sarah Polley

Is “Take This Waltz” too girly for the Tomboys? What is it about this film that girls do not like? Sexy Sarah and Persis from Tomboy Tarts both really disliked “Take This Waltz.” Let us know what you thought of this movie on Twitter @chrisbrakeshow!



Persis also explains what it means to be a Tomboy, and Sexy Sarah tells a story about growing up as a Tomboy, and her parents thinking she was a lesbian when she was in 6th grade, all because she was dressing and acting like a Tomboy! So if you’re worried about your daughter being a lesbian, maybe you should consider that she’s just a Tomboy.

Chris and Sarah have no apologizes to give, but John has one: John apologizes for cutting off a lock of Sarah’s hair. Chris also gets Sexy Sarah to go on record that if the Chris Brake Show gets 10,000 listeners, she will shave her head (or have John shave it for her)!

Sexy Sarah also wants you to give her ideas for a new hairdo. Please send your ideas for Sexy Sarah’s new hairdo to us on Twitter @chrisbrakeshow!

This episode also features a heart-warming phone call from John’s grandmother in which she asks that John please discontinue using his grandmother’s toilet because he took a poo in it and now it is overflowing. Sorry about that, grandma!

This week’s “5 Minutes in Capeside” segment features a re-enactment of the now infamous “Cry Face” episode of Dawson’s Creek, now immortalized on the Internet for the James Van Der Beek “Cry Face” meme that you can see below:

James Van Der Beek "Cry Face" Meme
James Van Der Beek “Cry Face” Meme

This meme was taken from Season 3, Episode 23 of Dawson’s Creek called “True Love,” and this week we re-enact this truly moving and epic segment from the Dawson’s Creek history books. Big shout out to all you Creek Freaks out there who are making our “5 Minutes in Capeside” segments such a huge success! If you have any ideas or episodes you would like us to feature on future “5 Minutes in Capeside” segments, let us know on Twitter @chrisbrakeshow!

 We also must apologize to @MayaMorrison – she was supposed to come on the show and perform an original song of hers titled “Yellow Bedwetter,” but because of technical difficulties we were unable to connect with her at the time we stated we would. So next week we’ll hopefully be able to get Maya Morrison on the show and perform her classic original song “Yellow Bedwetter,” and possibly one or two other original songs she has written.


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