Dale J Gordon Interview and Sexy Sarah Premiere | CB002

Dale J. Gordon is our guest this week. At the top of the show, Chris apologizes for what happened last week with the fat cat owner. We also have two new personalities join the show: Sexy Sarah and Bryan the Producer.

Then we play two songs from Dale J. Gordon, “Belinda Beltloosely” and “Robot Woman,” as well as a clip from “Private Hell.” We interview Dale about people thinking his songs are misogynistic, feedback he’s received from music industry “experts” who want him to change his songs and Dale’s reaction to the critics. Sarah also provides her unique female perspective and her feelings on Dale’s controversial song content.

We also discuss Obamacare, and Chris reveals a shocking fact about Obamacare that you may not have heard.

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You can hear more of Dale J. Gordon’s music at http://reverbnation.com/dalejgordon

Also check out the music video for Dale J. Gordon’s song, “U.S.A.” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tESWkGFhOM

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2 thoughts on “Dale J Gordon Interview and Sexy Sarah Premiere | CB002

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